My name is Toby and I am scared....

It is storming. Mom says that we are under a Tornado Watch. I am not sure what that is but it must be bad. Mom keeps my blanky where I can put my head under it when I am really scared.

It is raining hard with those scary bright flashing lights. I have learned that they make loud noises after I see those lights. I wanted to go outside and bite them so Mom said ok but your not going to like it.

I ran out the door and skid to a stop! It is really wet out there and I don't like to get my feet wet.I ran back in. Whew that was close. I hope none got in the house.

Mom said if I didn't calm down I will have a heart attack. Guess that is what is thumping against my tummy. She held me and put my blanky over my head.

I killed all the loud booms... they are gone!

(Mom: Toby is calm now but we may be in the path of more storms. Its going to be a long day....)

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